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Nestle & Hills Brothers Coffee

Nestle Beverage Company


BIG organized, reproduced, restored and framed photography and graphics specific to the companies owned by Nestle Beverage Company. The total area of office space covered by the exhibits was approximately 200,000 sq. ft. in the Harrison Street, San Francisco headquarters.
It included hundreds of framed prints, photographs and FlexFrame content display systems.

Hills Bros. Coffee Company, 1996

Commissioned by the developer, the Shorenstein Group, BIG also designed, sourced and authored an interpretive history exhibit on the Hills Bros. Coffee Company, permanently installing it in the lobby of
#2 Harrison Street.

Letter from Nestle Senior Archivist,
April 22, 1996:-

"In my capacity as Historian/Archivist at Nestle Beverage Company in San Francisco I have had considerable contact with Bennett Hall in the restoration of historic photographic materials used in illustrating many of the incidents that occurred during the seventy-two years that I have spent in the employ (and as a consultant ) of Hills Bros. Coffee, Inc. and the Company's present owner - Nestle Beverage Company.

Notable among all the examples of hand-tinting and framing by Bennett Hall is the exhibit of some twenty-five to thirty photographs of varying size and age that comprise the historical lobby exhibit in the building at #2 Harrison Street in San Francisco which was built and occupied as the home offices and plant of Hills Bros. from 1926 to 1985 (later by Nestle Beverage Company).

Bennett's judgement and artistry in the handling of such objects might well be descibed as "State Of The Art" and it is always a pleasure to work with him."

T. Carroll Wilson


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