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Exhibit Strategy
We produce exhibits that express your marketing messages, business identity, history, community or corporate culture. Exhibits express of our clients history or that of the communities they serve. Exhibits may show products, services and the people of your organization or your customers.
Your corporate brands and identity are integrated with your facilities.
Displays produced with this approach provide visual information to visitors and employees while enhancing your environment simultaneously.

Design Process
We use a collaborative design process to ensure that the themes, placement, and framing styles of exhibits integrate your strategic goals with the aesthetics of your facilities.
This is accomplished by merging design consultations that augment traditional interior design services with strategic marketing services and analysis of human resources.

Our services coordinate colors, identify furniture resources specify style parameters and materials, manage interior resources, provide accessories and help lead the team to complete the facility.

Community Programs

Living History
Historical imagery is inspirational. When this type of compelling subject matter is used to establish a market position, the clients’ tradition of excellence becomes gold. BIG is the world’s premier firm for historical programs. We showcase our clients’ and their communities’ history through enriching exhibits and concurrently in published or web formats.

Community Exhibits that show favorite vistas or landmarks link your business with its community. In addition to historical content, we custom photograph special views, commission artwork, curate exhibits using local artists, or use on-line media resources to fulfill this strategy. Strategically, this type of content is always a winner.

Visual Mission Statements
A corporate biography or self-portrait showcases an organization’s people, products and capabilities. We create these organizational portraits by combining custom photography with a curatorial team who mines existing images from our clients’ resources. Merged with informative captions, these exhibits simultaneously inform and decorate.

Art Programs
Artwork selected strategically enlivens the workspace and inspires excellence. Our goal is to create art programs that are an expression of your style, culture and taste. We harmonize art with the vision of your enterprise. We provide full-service consulting services through installation in all media and budgets.

Visual Merchandising
Visual merchandising is localized and synchronized with marketing campaigns.

Installing re-useable framing systems throughout the extended enterprise creates unlimited content options. Show your latest products, case studies or media releases. Display stories about your latest accomplishments. Select from our diverse media resources on-line or use your own content. Your environment can now be updated anytime and anywhere.

Signage, Emblems and Icons
Signage standards need to be established that harmonizes an organization’s identity, facility design and functional requirements. BIG establishes standards and designs innovative systems for signage that enhance the environment and create dynamic communication.

Custom Publishing
We can assist you by publishing a book about your company, its history, or the people who made it successful. Or, we can make a custom magazine that explains your market perspectives. Brochures, direct mail and print are also valuable communication tools. We offer a total solution from concept through print management in publishing.

Custom Publishing, for example, making books or magazines linked to one’s business or surrounding community is a superb way to enhance one’s market position. Whether a corporate biography, a “Day in the Life” of your organization, or the launch of your latest brand, BIG manages the content development, copywriting, graphic design, print production and marketing of your projects.
(See Washington Hospital book project)

Our design department creates logos, brochures, catalogs, direct mail, and other graphics. We offer turnkey services that include concept and copywriting through print management and fulfillment. Driven by strategic marketing, we deliver effective communication solutions.

Output Options

Reproduction Processes
Lightjet Digital printer

For photographic "style" reproductions, Business Image Group uses the digital imaging capabilities of the LightJet 430 wide format printer from Cymbolic Sciences – arguable the world’s most advanced digital output device. Business Image Group has been pioneering in the use of this device for permanent exhibits in hotels, health care and corporate facilities since 1998.

"Image sharpness and color accuracy, is exceptional – providing images that have no visible pixelation, even when viewed on a light table with a loupe. This is the state-of-the-art for digital photographic printing," says Bennett Hall, CEO and founder of Business Image Group. "These are the highest quality digital images ever available and with a combined flexibility coming from the digital workflow, our clients can coordinate image color, style and other retouching parameters to meet the most exacting needs. Prior to this technology coming on line, we stuck with the traditional enlarger, negative and light bulb."

The lightjet also offers an alternative to traditional black and white printing. BIG recently produced neutral toned black and white historical images for all the jury rooms in the SF Bay Area. "The lightjet provided the ability to deliver flawless historical images that otherwise looked identical to a traditionally created black and print. The grain-free and pixel-less nature of the Lightjet combined with the digital processes ability to eliminate artifacts and flaws often prevalent in historical images was the perfect recipe for this project.

The Lightjet 430 prints directly from disk to photographic paper without the need of a negative or transparency. "Think of it was an enlarger that uses digital information projected using an precise RGB (Red-Green-Blue) laser beam to expose the paper, rather than a negative" say Hall.
It can print up to a 60x96" image at 305 dpi. A full 36-bit color space provides excellent control over the laser light source and enables the LightJet to make faithful color reproductions.

Business Image Group uses Fuji Crystal Archive photographic paper with the Lightjet due its superior image quality and unsurpassed color stability. Crisp whites and full rich blacks of this paper create a dramatic image quality. In tests conducted by Wilhelm Imaging Research, Crystal Archive paper was rated at a 60 year display-life. It is available in a glossy or matte finish as well as transparency material for back-lit applications.

In addition the Lightjet, Business Image Group uses the latest Epson 9600 for 7 color ink jet printing on a variety of surfaces, such as watercolor paper and canvas and traditional photographic process in black and white and color as required for special applications.

For information about the LightJet Technology - visit their website at:


Web integration
Business Image Group offers the opportunity to display, access and automate the process of distributing your content on the web. We post your images with appropriate permissions to enable you, your employees, your clients, your partners, and the publics to view your content as you strategically appropriate. As desired, the viewer can order images for specific applications such as display in their local environment or for publication. Through this type of management, local personnel can append and upload new content as well adding to the meta-data of current postings, enabling an environment of constantly improving resources.

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