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FlexFrame - Content Services

Custom Design

The frame can be created from a wide range of mouldings, chosen to match your decor.

The size can be customized for your needs. It can be designed to contain content of any form of printed material or flat artworK.

We also offer FlexFrame configured to accept three dimensional artifacts or products as a wall mounted display case.

The frame may be interchangeably hung in the horizontal or vertical orientation.

The world's most versatile

display solution

Double Frame

This style consists of a double frame, with a decorative mat inbetween. The frame mouldings are made of wood, and are styled in an aged bronze look. The mat is a rough-grained maroon or dark green metallic, but could be in many other colours and styles.

a. with Plexipocket

b. artwork mounted on foam board, and/or laminated - to any size.

Brushed Steel

Matte silver wooden frame moulding, with a backing of brushed stainless steel.

Shown with:

a. mounted photograph

b. plexipocket containing a printed article


art brushed, camphor edge

Pewter frame with raw  silk mat, with speciality  mat backing set into a well 

Custom Display systems

Each case holds multiple photos floated on 100% silk with raised metal stars. The cases are 4" gold-leaf molding operable via a locking key on the bottom of each frame.

Large case for multiple items
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