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FlexFrame - ECO Styles

Standard Styles

Our classic FlexFrame styles are below, and can be
designed for either Plexipockets or mounted artwork


The size may be customized to your needs, but the most popular sizes are for content that is 8.5 x 11 inches, or 11 x 14 inches, where the plexipocket is available. Larger sizes are suitable for mounted posters and prints.

The world's most versatile

display solution

Classic Black

This is our most popular style. The wooden frame is a clean design, with enough depth to allow the plexipocket to fit inside, flush with the frame. The plexipocket is typically sized to fit 'letter' paper - 8.5 x 11 inches.

Black reverse bevel, on black

Thin Black or Silver

Black Floater Frame with PlexiPocket

also available with silver frame, with an inner black edging - wood.

Black Deco 2" with scratched silver insert

Natural Wood

This design is available in several profiles and colors - from natural (blond), cherry (shown here in both these examples), mahogany and walnut.

Stainless Steel or scratched copper 2" with plexipocket


2" matt white on black

available white on white
with PlexiPockets

- special order

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