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FlexFrame is a versatile and elegant solution for displaying graphics, signage, artwork, photography and point-of-sale materials when you want to regularly "change-out" your content.

A proprietory product of Business Image Group, FlexFrame looks just like a conventional picture frame yet its design enables a non-expert to change its content instantly without special tools. You can economically and conveniently change your environment's style and information value as desired and on-demand.

This approach is a true revolution in art programs and facility installations, which dynamically integrates strategy and media assets with enterprise facilities.


Content Display

The world's most versatile
display solution


Applications for the use of FlexFrame are many and varied: point-of-purchase, marketing messages, art programs, rotating public exhibits, personnel displays, signage, family pictures and educational information - any time flexibility to change content is required. FlexFrame is available in any style, color or size.

FlexFrame solutions are ultra-green

One investment in FlexFrame delivers unlimited options for content.
Due to its versatility, you may never need another conventional picture frame.

Examples for Use:

Visual Merchandising & Point-of-Sale
Project Portfolios & Success Stories
Personnel Displays
Event annoucements
Educational content
Photographs & Artwork
Schedules, Agendas & Menus
Mission Statements
Art Programs requiring periodic changes
Content customized to facility occupancy
Customer endorsements and testimonials
Case studies and current projects
Marketing messages
Press and media
Family pictures


FlexFrame is a re-engineered picture frame designed to allow its contents to be swapped easily, thereby enabling content to be displayed dynamically.

There are four primary styles:-

1. Content can be contained within an acrylic or plexi-pocket, typically made to fit 11.5 x 8 paper, but can also be larger. That way any form of printed material or photographs can be slipped inside.

2. Content mounted onto foamboard products. These can then be attached and detached to and from the frame, allowing the content to be inter-changed. This is especially useful for large posters.

3. Magnetic E3 Whiteboard - "Magneto"
Content is attached with magnets.

4. Casework design, that may be locked. These can hold any form of content, including 3D objects, useful for displaying memorabilia and artifacts.

The frame can be created from a wide range of mouldings, chosen to match your decor, to almost any size specification.

Typically, the maximum size is 8 feet x 4 feet. However any size can be customized for your needs. Content may include any form of printed material or flat artwork.
FlexFrame can also be configured to accept three dimensional artifacts or products as a wall mounted display case.

Content is slipped inside a plexi-pocket, and attached to the frame


"The FlexFrames are perfect venues to post OH&S instructions, safety reminders, training notices, etc. They provide flexible content so information can be rotated regularly to keep the postings current and eye catching, and in-house generated.
And they achieve the green policies and initiatives for our company because they are built from sustainable products."
Linda Z.

"Bennett provided Western Athletic Clubs with a framing solution that changed the way our clubs (The San Francisco Bay Club, Pacific Athletic Club, etc.) promoted our services to our members/clients. "
Nestor L. Fernandez II

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