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FlexFrame - ECO Styles

Western Athletic Club
Olympic Club, Lakeside
Century Plaza Hotel, LA
Lincoln Schools
NewCon Construction

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Western Athletic Club

Bay Club
Bay Club Marin
Bay Club Bank of America
Golden Gate Athletic Club
Courtside Club
Pacific Athletic Club - Redwood City
Pacific Athletic Club - San Diego

Personnel Display & Personal Marketing

FlexFrames are used in the Main lobby at the SF Bay Club for Personnel display, enabling economical adaptation to staff changes.

FlexFrame also feature fitness instructors, massage therapists and special event information. These displays enable members to see a portrait of the practitioner and a background statement assisting them in making an informed decision on their practitioner.

Event & Program Displays, Hand-outs

The Bay Club has varied events of all kinds. In order to provide an elegant environment and display this content conveniently, FlexFrames were installed throughout the Clubs. Previously, the Club used easles, tack boards to display this type of content.

These fixtures are in standard sizes to accommodate both poster size displays and 8.5 x 11" flyers. Content is produced in-house by the Club.

Marimba (BMC Software)

Customer Testimonials

These solutions are used by diverse market segments. In order to communicate specific applications Marimba uses FlexFrame to display client testimonials that tell the success stories of their clients. 

Displays feature client quotes combined with the Marimba logo. This reinforces Marimba's brand to both Marimba personnel, channel partners and customers.

See www.marimba.com for more information on Marimba.

Olympic Club, Lakeside

Board of Directors Display

The Olympic Club elects its 38 member Board of Directors and Committee annually - change is required annually.

A custom "casework" style FlexFrame enables the Club to change the board member portrait as an element of the larger display. Each portrait is designed to fit within a filet style frame which sets the correct position for each Board or committee member. The outer frame is removable through a security lock on the bottom of the frame.

Century Plaza Hotel, LA

"Celebrity Visitors"

These display cases feature recent celebrities visitors at events held at the Century Plaza. Each case holds multiple celebrity photos floated on 100% silk with raised metal stars. The cases are 4" gold-leaf molding operable via a locking key on the bottom of each frame.


Progamming Displays

The entrance to the on-air KTVU Fox 2 studio features film clips of  the station programing, each holding 18 images that feature current  programing.

Primetime Shows

KTVU also uses FlexFrame to display the current programing, as shown on this poster from the 2000 year. As shows change, KTVU updates the displays to feature new programs, keeping the station environment current.

Lincoln Public Schools

Student Content

Lincoln Public Schools uses FlexFrames to display content created by the students.

"The goals were to showcase current programs and events around the district and to display student work to district staff and members of the community.

School Activities

Individual schools also use FlexFrame in their lobbies to highlight school activities.

FlexFrame allows easy update of material within an attractive frame custom designed to fit the site. FlexFrame is a popular addition to all of our school and administrative sites."

John M. Gray, Board Member; Lincoln Unified School District
California School Board Association Regional Director

NewCon Construction

Project Displays & Job Site Photography

Newcon's diverse client projects are displayed on FlexFrames throughout their headquarters. Business Image Group provided architectural photography, digitally enhanced to optimized the visual appearance of each project.

Executive offices

Individual FlexFrames were used by staff for personalized displays of family photos and memorabilia. 

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