El Camino Hospital

Community Themes for

Health care

For this community-based hospital we created photographic exhibits expressing their local service area and the history of their institution.

There were four components to the exhibits:

• Community History
• History of El Camino Hospital
• Our Communities Children
• Personnel of El Camino Hospital

Community History
Exhibits show the combined history of the community served by El Camino Hospital: Mountain View, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and Cupertino. Prints are each hand-tinted black and white photographs

Children - birthing center

Photography of children in local area parks

Contemporary images of children photographed within the service district of the hospital in local parks were produced on commission for their new birthing center. By including recognizable locations the experience from the artwork becomes more intimate.

Images are up to mural size and framed in maple hardwood to match the finish schedule.

Personnel of El Camino Hospital

A series of images of the hospital staff, showing the diversity of services, disciplines of its medical and support team.

This series includes photographs of housekeeping, the pharmacy and staff members that do not always get the recognition of the front-line medical personnel, reinforcing the importance of every ones work at El Camino

Construction of El Camino Hospital
The progress of the El Camino Hospitals facilities - showing its original facilities, the current facilities, and the plans for its new expansion using architectural photography and models in a three part collage


Formed in the 1950's and built on what was previously orchards, El Camino Hospital is located in the heart of Silicon Valley. This well respected institution serves the communities of Mountain View, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Sunnyvale, Cupertino and parts of Palo Alto and San Jose. Consistently ranked as one of the leading hospitals in the area, El Camino Hospital is distinguished by its high-caliber staff and affiliated physicians, comprehensive and innovative services, and a long history of community service.


Main Hospital 650.940.7000
2500 Grant Road, Mountain View
California 94040

Main Hall Exhibit on Community History - Hand-tinted murals
Main Hallway Exhibit of Community History
Hand-tinted photographic murals

Main Lobby, seating area - Arial view of Los Altos, vicinity of future site of El Camino Hospital, ca 1900

Aerial view of Los Altos, vicinity of future site of
El Camino Hospital, ca 1900

Montage of images of children playing in local parks
Montage of images of children playing in local parks

Pharmacy at El Camino Hospital circa 1960