Hospitality Clients Overview

Business Image Group has worked on projects with a variety of clients in hospitality.

See our slide show for some examples, as well as selected case studies in the list to the left.

Is the hotel's history integrated with its marketing and decor? Is there historical artwork, exhibits and artifacts, ideally with with informative narratives, on display in prominent places to honor this history and educate guests? Does the hotel website showcase its history with great photography, vintage graphics, timelines and stories that reinforce and educate guests on its legacy? Are original photos, paintings and artifacts preserved, digitized, restored and ready for deployment in print, electronic media or on media releases? Are the archives secure? Does the hotel staff feel included in this experience and are they knowledgeable should a guest inquiry about the past? Can this history by monetized - such as published as a book, postcards, apparel, merchandise or other collectibles. Does the property have in-room integration with its history - local or property history perhaps as room art or in period, images of its founders, past events, luminaries, famous guests or perhaps an on-demand feed on the HD that inspires guests with the hotel's history? Has the architecture over the years slipped a bit or been remodeled, possibly denigrating its integrity, and therefore there may be missed opportunities.