We protect images, make them easy to access and harmonize content throughout your organization. By thinking strategically and planning for the enterprise, new opportunities for media deployment are realized. Extending brand and marketing messages has never been easier!

We start by analyzing how you acquire and manage media assets. Then, we review how your marketing messages and business identity are distributed in published formats as well your “bricks and morter” environment and website.

Media Asset Audit

Our goal is optimizing the effectiveness and economy of media deployment.

Our proprietary Media Asset Audit sets the stage for the enhanced utilization of your media resources in facilities, publications, documents and on the web by examining the process and uses of media by enterprise in detail.

We provide a comprehensive report focused on improving how your marketing messages, brand, business identity, human resources objectives,and culture are integrated and populated.

Through this process, we recommend strategies for how to improve media work-flow, migrate content from physical to digital accessibility, organize and protect your resources, empower content localization, integrate resources in all formats and establish a
web-based solution for content population and distribution.

Archive Management

Media assets are often hard to find, inadequately stored and even exposed to loss and denigration. Furthermore, confusion may exist about ownership and rights management.

Curating The Collection
The first step is to centralize relevant media assets and identify the most significant content using a curatorial process. As this “harvesting” occurs, we safeguard originals and prepare for the transition to digital storage.

Building the Archive

The result is an archive of proprietary content that can be accessed and deployed as needed. Your key media assets become readily available and your agency and business partners, accessible in a variety of convenient formats.

Physical to Digital conversion

High-resolution scans are made from the originals and the master files are retouched or restored as necessary. Metadata related to each asset is appended to the files and usage policies are established. The content is ultimately entered into a Media Asset Management system which enables web-based access and distribution features.

Web-based access

After content has been migrated into digital form, it can then be posted on the web, allowing it be distributed in various forms or for people to interact with it adding information as permissions allow.

By combining wed-based content accessibility with production services to deliver content on-demand to our content display fixtures, a radical change in facility content population occurs. No longer is the economics and process of content display “evergreen” but rather, you can change visual information any time you desire. Instantly change marketing or identity messages while maintaining a sophisticated style. Displays can be installed, updated or localized on demand.

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