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Healthcare Programs - Overview

A new approach for artwork for health care organizations

Health care institutions are intimately connected with the communities they serve and benefit from being positioned as leaders.

To assist in this process, we create art programs that integrate with the local community by using artwork depicting the local community. This provides positive community relations benefits as well as enhances the design of the facility. Our alternative for art programs considers the content as visual communication, brand assets, and designed to be educational and inspirational, in addition to providing decoration.

Service Overview
• Art program design and planning
• Community history exhibits
• Institutional history programs
• Visual Health Displays and information
• Patient room artwork
• Specialty area artwork
• Branded content deployment
• Web Integration
• Information display and signage

• Plan brand and community strategy
• Organize content and media resources
• Create new artwork and content
• Design program placement
• Manage production services
• Oversee installation
• Coordinate content re-purposing

Program Components

Public Space Exhibits

Community History Exhibits

Historical programs provide an ideal art program - bridging generations with fascinating community images drawn from the past. Historical imagery is both educational and inspirational. When a patient is experiencing a health crisis or having a procedure procedure, this type of subject matter can be especially meaningful to them and their family. This subject matter establishes a positive market position, improving your connection with your community.

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B. Landscape & Landmark Artwork

Photography and artwork that shows your local area's favorite vistas or landmarks is highly effective content strategy for localizing the hospital with its community.

We provide commissioned photography and artwork, or procure artwork through local artists, photographers or galleries. Commissioned photography enables us to provide a consistent "look and feel". Also, depending on the design intent and placement, artistic styles involving digital collages, painting, watercolors or canvases or alternative materials may be desirable.

Patient Room: Artwork

Patient Room: Communication Boards

Nurse Scheduling Boards

Institutional History

The Hospital's history reinforces the brand and communicates longevity and integrity - as long term commitment to caring for the community

• Exhibits showing the organization's history, timeline and milestones
• Publish: create booklets, catalogs, or use in annual reports
• Create a feature on your history and timeline for your website

In the case of large organizations with multiple locations, blending the story of the local hospital set against the backdrop of the large enterprise is ideal.


Healing Images

Art and images in treatment environments can effect the experience and results for the patient. This may contribute to a reduction in fear, encouraging a positive mental outlook.

• Calm patients stress reactions to treatment

• Affect the healing process and encourage a positive attitude

• Enhance the patient's sense of comfort

• Reinforce bond between patient and care giver

Photography - Bennett Hall

Artwork from Donors

Donated artwork from patients, staff, local community is curated for placement in various areas.

Health Education Content

Educational content is a valuable tool for improving understanding and commination with patients as well as practitioners. We advocate the use of visual information depicting treatment programs, understanding of the body and its systems, and wellness programs. Although there is diverse readily available information, customization to match with your graphic standards and "brand" is more effective than using "generic." content, such as what is provided by medical suppliers. Even better if the program features medical practitioners known in the community.

Marketing Content & Patient Success Stories

Although conventional advertising may not appropriate in the health care environment, it is still important to communicate the programs you offer. Each key service area of the institution should have its own marketing images and massaging, illustrating treatment processes, patient-practitioner relationships, and procedure benefits.

We also recommend using "real patient" success stories. Portraits of patients who benefited from your services and their own stories of recovery and healing give confidence to new patients. This may comfort patients as they contemplate a pending procedure. High quality photography and copywriting describing features and benefits are marketing valuable assets. This content can be used in brochures, displays and web applications.

Mission Statements

Mission Statements are an important expression of values, culture and a credo by which your staff honors and respects the patient, their families and each other. Creating this as an attractive graphic and displaying it throughout the facility fully implements the value of this declaration.

Process: We suggest reviewing the content with key stakeholders, then designing this using a high level of graphic standards, producing a visually attractive, official display. We frame this respectfully and place them in strategic positions.

• We design and produce branded signage for this purpose.

• We use permanent and interchangeable systems for display.

• Programs are drawn from your training and executive philosophy, and used to visually reinforce your core strategies.

Content Options:

• Mission Statement
• Guest and service philosophy
• Educational and training information
• Multilingual versioning

Personnel Displays: Staff, Boards, donors, leaders

Named portrait displays are important to honor and respect those who contribute the organization. This includes employees of the year, boards of directors, community leaders, recognition plaques, and donor boards.
We use FlexFrame display systems to enables you to change the images conveniently to adapt to changes..

Digital processes used for production enable you to integrate the pictures with your website or collateral using a single workflow

Tributes to Doctors, Staff or Community Leaders <a

Announcements & Information

Information about special events and programs are time-sensitive or require periodic rotation. It is important to review and map your strategy for displaying content in your facilities.

Develop standards for how and where this information is displayed and the processes that rotate or change this content.

Our goal is providing self-sustaining methods for producing and displaying changing information that is convenient, economical and internally managed and produced.

FlexFrame interchangeable fixtures

Logos & Branding

Logos and brand image placement throughout a facility helps define a consistent experience for patients and staff. Where appropriate, we integrate your logo in exhibit programs, signage and multi-media applications such as collateral or on the web.

Graphic Design Services
Should the logo require refinement or updating, we can assist in this process of graphic development. This process explores refinements to typography and type design, graphic updates, producing standards, and contract print management as appropriate.


Emblems are an essential part of brand strategy. Carefully researched and executed, they express your organizations mission, culture and style. Viewed by staff or patients, they represent the organization as its official mark, and aid in establishing trust and confidence in the integrity of your organization.

Services include:

• Custom sculptural emblems
• Cast metal signage, dimensional lettering
• Plaques
• Information signage and communication systems
• Temporary signage and system for rotating information

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