Services - Content Management

Your media resources should be convenient to find and economical to deploy in multiple applications.

To achieve this objective, organizing and digitizing your media assets, and rendering them accessible is essential. This will enable you leverage these resources when you need them and to their maximum benefit to your organization.


• Media Resource Review and Planning
• Research and Acquisition
• Rights Management

Media Resource Review and Planning

A systematic review of your facilities, publications, and web to assess the effectiveness of how you are using media resources, identity elements and graphics is conducted. This also audits your digital media files, and physical media assets, such as photographs, to verify condition, accessibility, captions, rights.

A plan is then developed to improve improve their security, preservation and utilization. This includes analysis of resource integration with your marketing, communications, human resources, and facility operations.

Research and Acquisition

Research is conducted to locate content within your organization as well outside repositories, and private parties, based on the objective defined for your program needs.

Rights Management

Content that you wish to use in commercial applications should be rights managed, royalty free or in the public domain. This process is to ensure that content either acquired in the past or from new projects is cleared for use, including releases from the photographer, content owner, models or celebrity releases, or property related ownership such as a landmark. This process is especially important for advertising applications or when creating merchandise derived from the content is involved.

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