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Services - Enterprise Programs

Visual Communication for Enterprise Facilities

Workspace Engagement

Artwork in the business environment 

blends aesthetics with an expression of business identity.

expresses an organization's identity and sense of style.  

enhances the workspace resulting in a more creative environment.

is an effective method of supporting your workspaces’ human factors, 
encouraging greater productivity.

strategically promote your company’s vision.

We provide complete planning, design, content development and production services to optimize visual communication throughout the corporate facility.  We convey consistent thematic messages for clients and staff through graphical images, signage and artwork.  The environments we help create enhance the customer experience, with the aim of reinforcing organizational identity, attracting new business and providing communications support .

Our Services: BIG designs and executes projects that transform visual communication in corporate facilities, new and existing.  Our projects range in scope from installations for individual waiting or meeting areas to comprehensive programs deployed throughout a facility.

We begin by assessing your facilities as they exist today with a top-to-bottom design review. Using a “virtual model” of your built environment, we provide actionable recommendations for improvements to the quality and effectiveness of visual messaging. We then work with your team to develop consensus on the graphical elements that will reinforce key messages for clients and staff, and create or refine the content to fulfill the program objectives. Last, we manage the production and installation of the graphical solutions, including:

• Historical images with stories that convey the heritage of the organization, facility and community

• Art programs – decorative and cultural enhancements for the facility

• Mural programs

• Photography and graphic displays describing key project

• Public displays that orient visitors to the facility, its operations and its mission

• Signage and graphics to assist visitors navigate the facility

Mission critical internal messages directed to staff

• Re-purposed content integrated into print collateral, websites, and other media

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