Exhibit Programs
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We provide a single-source solution for design and production of custom exhibits.

We manage the processes of exhibit planning, research, content creation, photography, scanning, copywriting, content management, graphic design, printing, framing, signage and installation.


• Enhance Community relationships
• Influence customer experience
• Inspire personnel
• Reinforce market position
• Create media exposure
• Generate revenue


• Hospital: public space
• Hospitality: lobbies and corridors
• Government buildings: public space
• Airports and public transportation facilities
• Corporate facilities
• Museums
• Sales Offices


• Company Story Telling
• Your community and its history
• Your industry
• Marketing and product launches
• Visual Mission Statements
• Educational: industry, scientific, political, etc.
• Timelines

Program Development

We use a collaborative process to refine the strategy, themes, and design.

Executive officers and founders are often directly involved to lead the vision and strategy.

The process forms around a consensus of your stakeholders, including directors of marketing, human resource and operations.

Professional Review and involvement

Interior Designer; facilities directors
Style, color, proportion, placement

Advertising / Marketing:
Brand, positioning, integration, publicity
Content re-purposing, resource management

Human Factors Consulting:
Education, team, motivation, inspiration