Business Image Group provides a complete signage service. We offer signs and plaques in a great variety of categories, working with outside vendors as necessary. Our framing facility can create customized backings and frames to add interest to any style of sign or plaque.

Signage Types, definitions and notes

Definition / Style
Engraving computer controlled laser engraving, cutting and marking systems can engrave on wood, leather, marble, plastic and glass. Interior use. learn more...
Etching Chemically etched metal plaques are used when detailed graphics or photographs need to be used, typically with bronze, stainless steel, zinc and brass. Photographic reproductions and fine detail can be applied using a metalphoto process.
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Cast Bronze - raised letter Metal signs with raised letters created through computerized equipment. Exterior or interior use.
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Backing boards any material, wood, painted finishes, plastics, metal can be used for backing
Float Recessed backing that allows the  sign to float out  from the wall where it is mounted
Float From backing Recessed backing placed in between the backing substitute and the sign
Stone - water cut Stone tiles with letter cut into the stone using a water jet system driven by computer
Lightjet Prints Digital print on photograph paper produced from electronic file; can be image, type of combination
to 4 x 8"
Inkjet Prints Inkjet digital prints can be made on paper used for multiple applications
no size limit
Inkjet Prints - Banners Inkjet digital prints made on fabric or vinyl for hanging displays - interior exterior
Laser Prints Small in-house applications - primarily for Flexframe-Plexipocket applications
FlexFrame System provided by BIG that enables content to be attached by Velcro to a specified framing system
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Plexipocket Plexiglas Sleeves by BIG that allow unmounted content to be inserted for wall display on a FlexFrame
Custom Logo/Sign see example of hand-sculpted emblem created in our studios for Washington Hospital
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Exhibit descriptions: captions with images

Grouping header signage

Exhibit information; lead signage

Artifact Display

Building or Room description

Sponsors, Donor Board, committees

Navigation (“Way-finding”)

Motivational and training


OSHA, compliance

Information - other






cut letters



hand-crafted of various types

Material: bronze







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